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Welcome to Renaissance!
We are World of Warcraft Alliance PvE casual guild on the US Baelgun server created in August 2010. Our guild was created out of a combination of two smaller guilds with the intent to improve communication, raiding opportunities, and to take full advantage of the Cataclysm guild perks. It was for us, a Rebirth, or Renaissance. To learn more about us please read our Guild Handbook and check us out on the Armory.
Guild Perks
Mass resurrection
Mass Resurrection
Guild Level 25
Fast track Mount up Mr popularity Cash flow Fast track2 Reinforce Hasty hearth Reinforce2 The doctor is in Mobile banking Mr popularity2 Honorable mention Working overtime The quick and the dead Cash flow2 Guild mail For great justice Honorable mention2 For great justice2 Ride like the wind Working overtime2 Bountiful bags Bartering Mass resurrection
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by Okeret on Mar 13, 2013 at 03:13 PM
Okay, first off let me say this. Part 1 was written this morning about 20 minutes before I had to clock into work using my Iphone, so if something seems wonky or seems rushed it was. But to be honest I spent alot of hours last night tossing and tu... Read More
by Okeret on Mar 13, 2013 at 05:49 AM
Okay folks, time to set things straight and let you in on what's been going on. So go pop some reddenbocker's, pour you a coke and take a seat.Here lately some of ya'll may have heard we're putting a new handbook together, well that's truth. Reaso... Read More